Insurance Fraud in Florida

  According to the National Information Crime Bureau (NICB), Florida is among the top 5 states, next to California, Michigan, and New York, with the highest rate of questionable insurance claims (QCs). QCs are claims which NICB member insurance companies refer for closer review and investiga... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

#FightingFraudFriday: Beware of Home Repair and Contractor Fraud

  As spring approaches, don't be a victim of home repair and contractor fraud. Reduce the risk of being scammed by making yourself aware of the following red flags: 1. Contractors who appear at your doorstep: If someone knocks at your door to ask you if you need their services, or offer to ... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Beware of Fraud Post-Hurricane Matthew

Florida Peninsula urges our policyholders who have experienced damage from Hurricane Matthew to call us first to protect themselves from fraud. [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Water Losses and Fraudulent Water Claims Are Driving Up Rates in Florida

Damages due to water losses continue to be the top source of claims in Florida. According to a report conducted by Insurance Journal, the severity and frequency of water loss claims in Florida have steadily increased every year since 2010. The Review of the 2015 Assignment of Benefits Data Call, c... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Study Finds Insureds Believe it is Acceptable to Be Dishonest on Insurance Claims

According to new findings in a public opinion study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), 24 percent of respondents believe it is reasonable to increase an insurance claim by a small amount in order to cover a deductible. This is also known as "soft" or "opportunistic" fraud, referring ... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

AOB News Isn't All Bad; Suit Against Insurer Thrown Out for Fraud

In an amazing turn of events, a Broward County Judge recently dismissed with prejudice a lawsuit filed by a water restoration firm against Florida Peninsula Insurance Company after the company convinced the Court it had been a victim of fraud at the hands of the water remediation firm. Yes, you hear... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Insurance Fraud Arrest by Florida Peninsula's Special Investigation Unit

Florida Peninsula takes insurance fraud extremely seriously, and with the help of our Special Investigation Unit (SIU), another insurance fraud arrest has been made. [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

"Operation Flames and Floods" Leads to the Arrests of 30 for Insurance Fraud

A collaborative state and local operation known as "Operation Flames and Floods" made 30 arrests in their efforts to crack down on insurance fraud. [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

PIP Fraud Arrests

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud is one of the most prevalent in the insurance industry. When insurance carriers, regardless of the type of insurance, take in large financial losses because of fraud, all their policyholders pay in the form of higher premiums. Florida's Chief Financial Office... [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Insurance Fraud Arrests in Miami

Two bad apples in the insurance industry are arrested for insurance fraud. [More]

by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company
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