The Truth About Your Office Chair

According a recent Wall Street Journal article, “No other piece of workplace furniture evokes stronger physical and emotional attachments than – the office chair.” At first, the importance of your office chair may not cross your mind, but your back will eventually tell you otherwise. Truth is, most office workers spend more time on their chair than any other piece of furniture and if your chair isn’t properly adjusted for support, you will start to feel aches and pain throughout your whole body.

If your armrests are too high, it can result in “golfer’s elbow," pain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow. When armrests are too low, it can cause carpal-tunnel syndrome, or pressure on the nerve in the wrist which supplies feeling and movement to parts of the hand. Having a chair which is too low can cause lower-back pain, carpal-tunnel syndrome and rotator-cuff strain in the shoulder. A chair positioned too high can cause golfer’s elbow. Little or no back support can lead to neck pain, back pain and headaches.

For a perfectly fitting chair, the height should adjust so your computer monitors are just below eye level and your wrists are straight when extended to the keyboard or mouse. Some chairs are equipped with advanced features – flexible backs, armrests and seats which promote movement. The challenge is finding the right chair around the office which suits you. As for conference rooms, we suggest arriving early and testing out the seats – you’ll be ready for the meeting and will be able to sit through it comfortably!

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