Florida Peninsula Insurance Company provides quality, affordable and highly customized homeowners insurance policies to residents in just about every city in Florida.  Below is a complete list of Florida cities where we have policies.  Click on the links to find out more information about your city.
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West Palm Beach

The Florida city of West Palm Beach is home to sunny palm-lined streets, beautiful waterfront views, shopping districts, historic and scenic neighborhoods, and exciting year-round outdoor festivals. Downtown West Palm Beach is home to two retail and entertainment districts – City Place and the Clematis Street District. If you have an interest in the theater and the performing arts, the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is the premier location to spend an evening. For those looking to enjoy the outdoors, the city’s waterfront offers walkways and fantastic views of Palm Beach and other surrounding cities.

Florida Peninsula is proud to provide exceptional homeowner insurance coverage to homeowners living in West Palm Beach. If you are interested in receiving more information about our homeowners insurance, simply fill out our home insurance quote form. You will receive a tailored insurance quote that best meets your West Palm Beach home insurance needs. A member of the Florida Peninsula team will be happy to help you regarding a variety of FL homeowners’ options that will protect you and your home:

West Palm Beach windstorm insurance has become increasingly important to its residents due to the active hurricane seasons of the past years.

West Palm Beach home liability insurance is included with a Florida Peninsula policy and limits may be increased up to $400,000 with the purchase of a Platinum package.

Flood Insurance coverage can be included to your West Palm Beach homeowner’s insurance policy.  Flood water damage can be a very expensive home repair and destroy the valuable contents of your home. Federal law requires some locations that typically flood to have flood insurance, which isn't covered by most homeowner's policies. Contact a Florida Peninsula insurance professional for a quote on West Palm Beach Florida flood insurance.

Other insurable West Palm Beach home owner risks covered by Florida Peninsula Insurance Company include protection to screen enclosures, animal liability, and theft away from premises.

There is no obligation or cost to consult with one of our homeowners insurance specialists, and it is a good way to determine whether your West Palm Beach home, property and family are properly covered. We are often able to provide significant cost savings and/or provide an increase in your home insurance coverage.

For more information or to get a quote now, please click here.

Learn about West Palm Beach Homeowners Flood Insurance

A floodplain is the part of the land where water collects, pools, and flows during the course of natural events. Such areas are classified as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), and are located in a 100-year flood zone. Base Flood Elevation is the computed elevation to which floodwater is anticipated to rise during the base flood. Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) are shown on Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and on the flood profiles. The BFE is the regulatory requirement for the elevation or flood proofing of structures. The relationship between the BFE and a structure's elevation determines the flood insurance premium.

West Palm Beach Flood Insurance Map: 
Flood hazard maps, also called “Flood Insurance Rate Maps” or “FIRMs,” are used to determine the flood risk to your home or business. You can protect your home and its contents with flood insurance through the National Flood The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has produced newly revised preliminary flood insurance rate maps.  

Flood maps are being updated for communities across the country and are intended to incorporate the latest and most accurate information into the maps so that they better reflect the risk that communities face.  Flood maps show the extent to which areas are at risk for flooding, and are used to help determine flood insurance and building requirements. Insurance Program (NFIP). 

Visit Flood Maps for West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County Florida:
Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA Website:



Police Department

Emergency: 911
Non- Emergency: (561) 822- 1900
Tips Line: (561) 822- 1800

Police Department

City Commissioners:
(561) 822-1390

Alarm Unit:
(561) 688- 3695

Canine Unit:
(561) 233- 3300

Aviation Unit:
(561) 688- 3660

Communications TDD:
(561) 688- 3462

Contractual Services:
(561) 688- 3510

Fingerprinting Services:
(561) 686- 4246

Gang/Internet/Crimes Hotline:
(800) 429- 0006

Traffic and DUI Enforcement Units:
(561) 681- 4500

Insurance Risk Management:
(561) 688- 3280

Media Relations:
(561) 688- 3080

Parks Enforcement:
(561) 493- 2840

Property and Evidence Clerk:
(561) 688- 4210

Civil Process
(561) 355- 2760

Detective Bureau:
(561) 688- 4000

Human Resources:
(561) 688- 3540



Fire Department

For Emergencies call: 911

Non-Emergency: (561) 822- 4700

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was created by State law in 1984 to provide fire and emergency medical services to portions of the unincorporated area and select municipal areas of Palm Beach County. These areas are designated within four Municipal Service Taxing Units (MSTU’s) which were created to fund this service. We cover 1,813 square miles and provide services to approximately 746,000 residents throughout the County.



St. Mary’s:
901 45th St
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 844- 6300

Good Samaritan:
1309 N. Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 655- 5511

5301 South Congress Ave
Atlantis, FL 33462
(561) 965- 7300

Wellington Regional:
10101 W. Forest Hill Blvd.
Wellington, FL 33414
(561) 798- 8500

2201 45th St
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 842- 6141



Tri- Rail:

Palm Tran:
(561) 841- 4287

Palm Beach International Airport:
(561) 471- 7420


Poison Control

Florida's Poison Control Centers
Hotline: 1 800 222-1222


Emergency Shelters

Hurricane Evacuation Risk Shelters​ Palm Beach County Emergency Management 

Palm Beach County currently operates  hurricane evacuation shelters across the County. All hurricane evacuation shelters meet current ARC 4496 design standards to withstand hurricane force winds, including window strength and protection, wind and debris exposure, and storm surge inundation. Visit Palm Beach County website to find the shelter list.

A hurricane evacuation shelter is a refuge of last resort; a place to go if you can't stay at home or with a relative, friend, or co-worker or nearby hotel.  While shelters are set up in schools, the timing of their opening and locations can change due to the circumstances of the storm.  Not all shelters are opened for every storm.  Monitor local media for current shelter openings and locations.

Palm Beach County and Palm Beach County Schools manage public shelters.  Shelters provide simple meals and beverages; if you have special dietary needs or want snacks, you must bring your own. Shelters provide basic first aid only; cots and medical care are not provided.


Lifeguard Operations

Palm Beach County Ocean Lifeguards are a team of well trained, highly skilled professionals. They specialize in preventative actions, ocean rescues, and emergency medical assistance to beachgoers. Palm Beach County employs 53 year-round lifeguards and 28 seasonal lifeguards for 13 parks. These men and women are entrusted with protecting and servicing an estimated 3.4 million beachgoers every year, averaging 140 rescues, 540 bathing assists, 16,000 first aids, 85,000 preventative actions, and reuniting 30 lost children with their parents.


For more information on <astyle="display: href="" target="_blank">Palm Beach Fl lifeguard operations visit the Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue webpage for more information. </astyle="display:>


Recreation Centers

Westgate Park and Recreation Center
3691 Oswego Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Pleasant City Community Center
501 21 Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Tate Recreation Center
1420 West 10th Street
Riviera Beach, FL

Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Center
5080 N. Ocean Dr.
West Palm Beach, FL 33404


Parks and Recreation

West Palm Beach Parks & Recreation

401 Clematis St, 
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: (561) 804-4900


Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches
401 N. Flagler Drive, 33401
(561) 833-3711

Ext 232

Operations Coordinator
Ext 223

Communications Director/Webmaster
Ext 234.

Information Coordinator
Ext 221

Director of Administrative Services
Ext 228

Director of Sponsorships and Special Events
Ext 231

Membership Director
Ext 235

Membership Development
Ext 230


Economic Development Organization

Economic Development Organization of the Palm Beaches
301 N. Olive Ave., 10th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 355-3624

(561) 355-3624

Fiscal Manager
(561) 355-6607

Economic Development Specialist
(561) 355-4148

Administrative Assistant
(561) 355-3624

Senior Planner
(561) 355-4603

Special Projects Coordinator
(561) 355-2022


City Government

City Administration
401 Clematis Street
Second Floor

City Hall
(561) 822-1200

City Administrator
(561) 822- 1400

Administration/Mayor’s Office
(561) 822-1400

City Commission
P.O. Box 3366

West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 822-1390


Community Redevelopment Agency

City Hall
401 Clematis St., Second Floor
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 822-1550


Social Services Agencies

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast
2300 N Florida Mango Road
(561) 848-6402

West Palm Beach Housing Authority
1715 Division Avenue
(561) 655-8530

Palm Beach County Human Services
810 Datura Street
(561) 355-4775

Daily Bread Food Bank
426 Claremore Drive
(561) 659-5070

New Hope Charities
626 N Dixie Hwy
(561) 366-5093


Animal Control

Palm Beach Animal Care and Control
7100 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Main Number:
(561) 233-1200

Pahokee Facility:
(561) 924-5656

Accounting Office:
(561) 233-1256 or 233-1254

Administrative Office:
(561) 233-1251

Animal Abuse Investigation:
(561) 233-1211

Animal Bite Investigation:
(561) 233-1215

Dangerous/Vicious Dog Investigation:
(561) 233-1200, Ext. 0

Educational Programs:
(561) 233-1222

Emergency 24 hr. Stray Pet Rescue:
(561)233-1200, Ext. 0

Field Services Supervisor:
(561) 233-1220

Foster Care Volunteer Program:
(561) 233-1281

Hobby Breeder Permit:
(561) 233-1209 or 1227

Livestock Adoption:
(561) 233-1217

Lost & Found:
(561) 233-1282

Low Cost Spay/Neuter – Spay Shuttle:
(561) 233-1261 or (561) 233-SPAY (7729)

Low Cost Spay/Neuter - Pahokee Location:
(561) 924-5657

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher Program:
(561) 233-1266 press 3 or 233-1256

Nuisance Animal Affidavits:
(561) 233-1213

Pet Adoption:
(561) 233-1272

Pet Business Licensing & Inspection:
(561) 233-1209 or 1227

Placement Partner Rescue Program:
(561) 233-1219

Rabies, License Tag Questions:
(561) 233-1271

Stray and Injured Pet Pick Up:
(561) 233-1200, ext. 0

Veterinary Clinic:
(561) 233-1200, Ext. 48533

Veterinary Office Tag Distribution:
(For Veterinary Offices Only):
(561) 233-1257 or 233-1258

Volunteer & Community Service:
(561) 233-1281