With hurricane season's arrival, it is always smart to plan ahead. You might have already gotten your batteries, flashlights, bottles of water and canned food, but what about the smaller things which are just as important.

In a recent Miami Herald article, experts recommend residents add to their to-do list for major storms. Some things to consider would be solar-powered chargers for devices like cell phones and computers. Reviewing your insurance policies would also be vital to add to this list.

One key step would be to check and see if you live in an evacuation zone, which is also vital for your safety. This can be checked online by visiting websites to see if your home lies in an evacuation zone. If this is the case, make plans to move to a safe haven with family, friends, or a Red Cross shelter. Another amenity available to those who live in evacuation zones is the public evacuation transportation. If your home does not fall into an evacuation zone, it is recommended to stay inside and avoid driving and traffic.

Another key step recommended would be to go over insurance policies you have. If you have questions about your coverage, or want to learn more about what is covered during a hurricane, consult with your independent insurance agent or visit the Florida Peninsula Insurance Company website to get connected with someone who can assist.