Did you know you must have a signed contract with a licensed and appointed public adjuster before he/she can represent your interest when making an insurance claim? This contract must be signed by all insured’s as well as the public adjuster.


Are you aware, unlicensed individuals solicit the opportunity or claim to have the ability to represent you at an insurance adjuster's appointment and negotiate with your carrier on your behalf?  This type of activity is prohibited and is a direct violation of Florida Statute.  Florida Peninsula proactively addresses unlicensed public adjusting and is obligated to make a report to the Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Fraud.  


Recently, in the Jacksonville area, two unlicensed individuals approached insurance agencies requesting the agency customer lists of insured’s who have may have recently suffered roof damage in an attempt to urge the insured’s to place a claim with their insurance companies.  These individuals promised to represent the insured’s at the adjusters' appointment as well as work with the insurer in the settlement of the same.  Such action was quickly referred to the Department of Insurance Fraud for further investigation.



You can help fight fraud too.  If you know of an unlicensed individual claiming to be able to represent your interests when making a claim, call the Division of Insurance Fraud at 1-877-693-5236.  You can also verify the license and appointment of any adjuster by visiting the Department of Financial Services website. 


Florida Peninsula is committed to fighting fraud with the help of our policyholders, vendors and agency partners.  Together we are able to combat fraud, and keep insurance rates affordable.