Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? As a host, you'll need to know how to carve a turkey and serve your guests. The last thing you want is for you to figure it out, or worse, for them to start chopping away at it themselves. Carving a turkey can be quite simple if you know what you're doing. We suggest you follow these simple steps by Real Simple.

1. Remove the String: Place the turkey on a carving board. Remove the string tying the legs together, using the tip of your knife. 

2. Remove the legs and things: Cut through the skin which connects the breast and the drumstick. Slice down until you reach the joint. Using a paper towel, grab the leg and push down, separating the leg and thigh from the bird. Use your knife to slice through the joint. 

3. Remove the drumsticks: Separate the drumstick and the thigh by cutting through the joint which connects them. Transfer the drumstick to a platter; set aside the thigh meat on a cutting board to slice later. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other leg. 

4. Remove the wishbone: Find the wishbone at the front end of the breast. Use your fingers to pull it out. Tip: Removing the wishbone makes it easier to carve off the breast meat. 

5. Remove turkey breasts: Find the breastbone. Position a long, flexible knife (or a boning knife) on one side of it, and slice downward, as close to the bone as possible. As you slice, use your other hand to pull the meat away from the breastbone, until you've cut the breast off the carcass in one piece. Transfer to the cutting board. 

6. Remove the wings: Using the knife, slicing through the joint to remove a wing, and transfer to the platter. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side. 

7. Slice the thigh meat: Work on the cutting board. Holding the thigh bone with tongs or a paper towel, remove the meat from the bone with the edge of the knife. Transfer meat to platter. 

8. Slice the breast meat: Using the tongs to steady the breast, position the meat so you'll cut it at its shorter length. Slice against the grain, taking care to keep the skin attached. Transfer pieces neatly to a platter.

We hope these tips will make your turkey-carving process much simpler this Thanksgiving. If this is your first time, you should also watch this step-by-step video for better understanding. For more information on how to plan a stress- free Thanksgiving dinner and defrosting your turkey, visit our blog for Tips for a Tear-Free Thanksgiving.                                     


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