Experiencing a theft, flood, fire, or other casualty loss is devastating enough. However, having a home inventory of all the items you own with information about their value is a good way to prove ownership in the event you need to file a claim.  As part of your hurricane preparedness plan, consider preparing this list to be ready in case your home is damaged due to a hurricane, this season.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company would like to share the following tips on creating an inventory list.


  • List items room - by - room
  • Keep receipts
  • Take pictures
  • Open doors, drawers and cabinets to ensure you have a picture of all your contents
  • Have all antiques and collectibles appraised, and file the information with your inventory
  • Include serial numbers and brand names for all items for which you no longer have receipts.


In today's high tech world..."there's an app for that" too!  You can easily organize your home inventory using apps like MyHome Lite, MyStsuff2 Lite and Inventory Buddy to assist you in getting all this information collected, stored, and safe.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company strives to provide its insured's and the residents of Florida with the latest information available to keep them safe.  

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