With insurance fraud claims on the rise in our state, Florida Peninsula’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) continues to aid in the arrests of those making fraudulent claims. 

Last week, the SIU helped make another arrest involving a woman in Escambia County. The defendant reported a plumbing leak, which was covered by insurance, caused damage to the dwelling and contents. During an investigation of the water leak claim, the team uncovered an attempt to misrepresent the location of purchase and quality/ cost of the items which were claimed to be damaged. The SIU found the defendant had severely inflated the cost of the damaged furniture and misrepresented the application for insurance when she falsely reported no prior losses in the previous three years, but had actually filed a claim just one year prior. Multiple inconsistencies in the application were found as well. 

Congratulations to the SIU team on a job well done! 

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