It’s no secret airports become busy during the holiday season and with the holidays just around the corner families are booking flights before the rush. When you travel nationally or abroad, the odds are you will have a safe and incident free trip, but sometimes travelers can become victims of crime or experience unexpected difficulties. 

Probably the worst feeling a traveler can have is when he or she opens their luggage after a long trip and notice something is missing. Recently, the Miami Herald ran an article with simple steps on how to protect your luggage from thieves.

  1. Use a downscale but solid suitcase or bag: Thieves target branded luggage because they assume there are valuable belongings. Having a hard-back luggage makes it difficult to tear or open. 
  2. Use a disguise: Too often do people claim money was stolen from their luggage, but putting your cash or checks in a disguise will mislead the thief.
  3. Tightly wrap your suitcase: Travelers will often secure their bag by “cocooning” it in plastic.
  4. Report Baggage handlers: If you see suspicious activity, be sure to report it to the authorities. This can be anyone in the airport and it is important to take a stand and say something. Even TSA agents have made headlines for stealing someone’s belongings! 
  5. Don’t leave your belongings unattended! 

For more information and creative ideas read the Miami Herald article here

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