Natural disasters are a part of life, but dealing with crooked contractors should not be. After a flood, hurricane or tornado many people feel vulnerable and alone after their homes and livelihoods are destroyed.  The last thing you want to happen after a disaster is to be hoodwinked into a scam with crooked contractors because you aren’t thinking clearly. 

Here are some tips from the Insurance Information Institute on how to avoid crooks:

Don’t rush into any contract with any company. Make sure to take your time collecting information and contacts in order to make an informed decision. 

Don’t overspend on temporary repairs.

Be sure to keep any receipts.

Make sure you check on who you hire.  Investigate their reputation and do your homework, chances are there will be reviews out there. Look for professionals with a solid reputation, your insurance agents can help. Never give a deposit until you do thorough research.

View a video from III here

Many of these con artists want big deposits before work is done and then they are never seen or heard from again. Just be sure to take precaution in dire situations and to think clearly before accepting help.

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