An almost non-existent winter, plenty of rain and showers and you would know we’re talking about this past year’s erratic weather. With the odd weather conditions, there were record numbers of weather-related catastrophe claims last year, but according to Property Casualty 360, satisfaction with homeowners’ claims experiences improved over the previous year.

In a customer survey, customer satisfaction had increased by 10 points, which is astounding considering the weather claims. Insurance companies must be doing something right.

One reason for the increase in satisfaction is because insurers are able to plan their response and position resources as a hurricane approaches. But tornadoes, in many other states, give little warning and insurers are left to react on short notice, which explains some of the rating disparity between regions. Customers who are satisfied with the handling of their claim are more likely to renew with the same carrier than those who are not satisfied.The survey was based on over 4,000 responses from customers who filed claims from May 2010 to January 2012, according to the website. 

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