The multitude of factors that are associated with summer thunderstorms often do not have a large impact on peoples’ everyday lives, yet the same cannot be said for our canine counterparts.  Many dogs demonstrate extreme levels of thunderstorm phobia, which inhibit their ability to remain calm during such stressful situations.  As a dog owner, it is imperative that you not only understand what environmental factors may be unsettling to your pet, but that you implement effective preventative measures to help soothe them. The following is a list of helpful tips to minimize the severity of your pet’s thunderstorm phobia.


  • Isolate the cause of your pet’s discomfort. Understanding what makes your pet uneasy will allow you to develop activities that are catered to meet the specific needs of your pet. 
  • Create a relaxing environment to which your pet can escape. Toys, pillows, and other familiar objects will help distract your pet from its surroundings and refocus its attention away from the thunderstorm and onto something more calming.
  • Engage in playful, energizing activities with your pet. This will allow your pet to focus on your companionship rather than dwell on their fear of the current thunderstorm. 


Such activities should be initiated very early on in your pet’s life, to minimize the effects of thunderstorm phobia. 

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