Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty announced Thursday, his office has approved the removal of 150,000 policies from state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. by four private sector companies beginning Nov. 6.

The November takeout total will add to the 84,339 policies already taken out during this calendar year.

“The leadership and commitment by Florida’s domestic companies to expand their business in our state sends a clear signal that we have a reinvigorated homeowners’ insurance marketplace,” McCarty said.

The companies approved to take policies from Citizens are Florida Peninsula Insurance Company with 35,000 policies; Homeowners Choice P&C Insurance Company with 75,000 policies; Southern Fidelity P&C Inc. with 30,000 policies; and Southern Oak Insurance Company with 10,000 policies.

Citizens’ policyholders will be notified of the takeout request on Oct. 1, and can choose to accept or decline the takeout offer. If policyholders do not respond, their coverage will be assumed by the private sector company on Nov. 6.  Consumers have choices and making the right decision for your homeowners coverage is an important one.  Visit our website at www.floridapeninsula.com to find out why Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of the State of Florida's top ten insurance companies, and the benefits they provide, and no one else will offer.

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