Everyone wants a blooming garden filled with beautiful plants – it's a no brainer. Unfortunately, it’s hard to dedicate the time and resources needed for such a garden.

According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, choosing plants which adapt to Florida’s soils and climate can eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides.

Jeff Wasielewki of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden listed the following species of plants which can flourish with little to no extra work.

  • Clerodendrum splendens: This plant has dark red flowers and are produced several times a year. The vine gets as big as space allows and takes well to severe pruning. It does best in full sun.
  • Brunfelsia nitida: This plant is also known as “The Lady of the Night.” As the name suggests, the aroma is only present at night. The shrubs can grow to four to six feet. This plant likes full to moderate sun.
  • Hamelia patens var. patens: The plant, commonly known as the firebush, is one of the best natives in South Florida. Its small red flowers bloom in great quantities year round, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. This plant can grow to 15 feet but can be kept as a four or five-foot shrub. This plant does best in full sun.
  • Pavonia bahamensis: This plant produces small, nectar-filled, yellow-green flowers which attract hummingbirds. The plant can reach 15 feet and grows best in full sun to very light shade.

For the full list of plants, read the article here

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