Decorating homes for the holidays has been a tradition for many throughout the years. Unfortunately, many of these same holiday decorations can increase your chances of a fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, around 400 home fires are caused by Christmas trees or involving lights and other décor each year.

Make sure to take the time to safeguard your home. If you choose to have a real tree during the holidays along with bright-colored lights, follow a few of these steps to prevent possible tree fires.

·         If your home has a natural tree, make sure to keep it watered as dry trees can catch on fire due to open flame or electrical lights.

·         Make sure to inspect your holiday lights for tattered and kinked wires.

·         Try not to overload on outlet use and purchase an extension cord if necessary.

·         Do not leave lights unattended as they can get extremely hot.

·         Use nonflammable decorations.

·         Don’t leave burning candles or incense unattended, especially around the tree.


For more information on how to avoid Christmas tree fires, click here.


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