When a storm is on its way, you’ve got more than just your home to prepare. Your kids need your time and attention too, and addressing their needs often goes ignored in the chaos of prepping for the storm.

The key is involving your children. Designate age-appropriate tasks for them, all the while keeping a calm and efficient approach. As a recent article in the Miami Herald advises, “Stay calm, and carry on.”

Before the storm
-Make a family plan
-Give your children responsibilities. Make them feel important, true players in your game-plan. For example, have them make sure all of your battery-powered objects, like flashlights, are working.
-Get your kids involved. Take them to the store, let them help you pick out supplies, food, etc. Give them a say.

During a watch
-Don’t be in denial. Let your kids know what’s actually going on, be frank without scaring them. Communicate honestly regarding the situation.
-Stay cool. Don’t obsess. It could lead to sensory overload for both you and your kids, and could cause additional anxiety.

During and after
-Stay calm. Keep younger kids averted with games and activities.
-Stick with the routine. Even if you have to evacuate or things are amiss, continue with the set schedule of bedtime stories, a communal family meal, etc. The continuity will be reassuring for both you and your kids.
-Listen. Let your children express themselves. Answer their questions, let them share.

With these helpful tips, your kids will be sure to get through the storm with minimal trauma and boosted self-assurance.

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