Even though the summer months are often the most convenient time to plan for a family vacation, its arrival signifies the dreaded beginning of hurricane season. Although you might be looking forward to traveling, it is important to first ensure your home is properly prepared to withstand the effects of a hurricane.  Keeping in mind some basic home safety tips and employing preventative measures will help protect your house from destruction and provide you with a sense of ease when away from home. 

A few things to take into consideration before departing on any travels include:

Ensure all exterior doors and lawn furniture are securely fastened or stored away. Furniture left outside can easily be propelled in the winds of a hurricane, causing severe damage to anything they may hit. Tightly closed doors also minimize the likelihood water or other debris will enter your home.

Put up storm shutters if a hurricane is projected to come within close proximity of your area. This will reduce the risk of damage to any windows and will reinforce your house’s exterior structure.

Purchase travel insurance which includes hurricane and other natural disaster coverage to secure reimbursement of any funds should you ultimately not be able to leave on your vacation.

• Turn off the main water valve to your home.  Should there be any water leaks while you are away, you may be able to minimize the damage by controlling the flow of water into your home.

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