Preparing your landscape for a hurricane happens way before the storm. There are many things to consider even before you start planting, such as the type of plant and where it will be planted.

Homeowners should consider the size of the plant full grown and if it will impact their home or any power lines nearby. One of the biggest mistakes is planting to close to buildings or utility poles where the roots will not have enough room to properly hold. This could pose a potentially dangerous situation for your home.

Properly caring for your trees will also increase their chances of surviving during a hurricane.  Make sure trees are regularly pruned. This should be done by a professional to ensure the tree branches and truck will grow properly. Ask for references and pictures of their work. It is also important they have insurance just in case something goes wrong.

If plants have been taken care of throughout their lifetime, there will be little to do before a storm comes. Thinning the canopy so wind can pass through and extra pruning of dead and damaged wood could also be beneficial to homeowners. This should be done at the start of hurricane season because clippings left out during a storm can become “missiles” in the wind.

After a storm homeowners should inspect standing trees for cracks in the trunk, which weakens the tree and makes it susceptible to disease and pests. If the tree is standing in a puddle of water you should also check for root rot. If a tree has been ripped from the ground, it is not necessarily dead. These trees can be replanted. Once the tree is replanted cover the roots with burlap to prevent burning. It would also be smart to call an arborist to examine the tree.

The regrowth process can be extremely slow. Be patient and give the tree time to regrow to its original beauty.

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