July 2012 – Lee County, Florida

 Florida Peninsula Insurance Company’s Special Investigation Unit cooperated with the Florida Department of Insurance Fraud once again, to crack down on this huge issue which is prevalent in all areas of our State. 

Florida Peninsula Insured inflated damages and produced fraudulent receipts in order to cash in from a recent theft.  The Special Investigation Unit verified every receipt and discovered inflated and fraudulent receipts and filed a report with the Department of Insurance Fraud.  This investigation resulted in an arrest which was made early in the month of July.


Insurance fraud is devastating in the insurance industry in the State of Florida.  As more and more residents of our State continue to experience economic hardships people are attempting to push the envelope to get “just a little bit more”.  Unfortunately, insurance companies pay millions of dollars unnecessarily each year due to insurance fraud and these costs are shared by all the residents of the State. 


Reporting insurance fraud is an important part of keeping the industry stable and in a financial position to continue to pay legitimate claims.


To report an insurance claim on a Florida Peninsula Insurance Company policy, please contact our Special Investigation Unit at 561-210-0382.  To report any other insurance fraud, click on this link https://secure.fldfs.com/fraud/nonIndustryRSF.aspYou may be eligible for a reward and your reporting can be kept anonymous.