Good news for students in Florida! The Florida Department of Revenue has announced a tax holiday which will exempt all sales tax on back-to-school items such as notebooks, pens and pencils, and much more. The tax holiday will last three days, beginning on August 1 and ending August 3. Shoppers can take advantage of this tax break on small items such as paper, pens, notebooks, calculators, etc. under $15 and more expensive items such as personal computers, tablets, and electronic book readers under $750. Even items such as clothing, wallets, bags, and backpacks are exempt from tax if they have a price tag under $100. 

The tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m., Friday, August 1, 2014, and ends at midnight, Sunday, August 3. All businesses (excluding theme parks, entertainment complexes, public lodging establishments, and airports) are required to sell their items tax-free.

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