Many of us see our pets as members of our household. We let them live in our homes, sleep in our beds, and when we eat, they eat. It has even become popular to celebrate their birthdays or home-coming anniversaries and will include them in important events such as weddings and family parties. If we are willing to treat our pets as people, why shouldn't they have insurance like we do? There are a number of reasons why your pet should have insurance: 


  • Peace of mind: If anything were to happen to your pet, such as an injury or illness, you won't worry about the vet bill since most pet insurance policies will reimburse more than 80% of the costs. Pet owners without insurance sometimes have to make the hardest decision between paying for medical treatment (which can be thousands of dollars) or putting their pets down. 
  • Rising Veterinary Costs: If you are a pet owner, you probably noticed the costs of veterinary care getting higher and higher. A simple office visit (before the prescription costs) can be between $50-$70. If your pet were to need an x-ray or emergency care, the bills can get as high as $3000 (sometimes more) depending on the illness. 
  • Some plans cover hereditary conditions: Health problems and congenital conditions can be inherited or caused by inbreeding. Most of these conditions go unnoticed, and your seemingly healthy and happy pet could become dangerously ill in the blink of an eye. We all want to believe our pets came from a good place, but without getting them from a reputable breeder or shelter, you really never know. If you are planning on purchasing your pet, ensure the breeder is well known, has a proper website and provides you with a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian. It doesn't hurt to ask around. 
  • Some plans cover third-party liabilities: If your pet were to ever destroy someone's property or injure someone accidentally, most of your costs could be covered depending on the plan. It's always good to be prepared. A Florida Peninsula policy may be endorsed to add animal liability coverage to your existing homeowner's policy depending on your dog breed. Ask your agent for additional information. 
  • It prevents you from using emergency funds: Instead of using your family's emergency or travel funds, having insurance can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the event your pet needs medical care. 
  • Helps you find a missing/stolen pet: Many insurance companies now include policies which help cover your advertising costs if your pet is ever lost or stolen. Some may even provide a reward for your pet's safe return.