All parents want their kids to excel in school. After all, it is their “job.” Parents try to help their children succeed any way they can, but what can we do when we’re not all rocket scientists and mathematicians?

Simply enough, just dedicate a space for the kids to study and work on assignments. If adults have home offices, why can’t kids? While most kids have a desk in their rooms, studying in the same environment where they may have a TV or their toys may be too distracting. 

When faced with the option to sleep, watch TV or study, the latter rarely (if ever) wins. There are just so many better things to do than study. However, if kids are given a workspace, they are more likely to do actual schoolwork.

Here are some tips on how to make your child’s office a success (via the Costco Connection magazine, Aug. 2011):

  • Have large calendars on the wall with important due dates of projects and upcoming events
  • Background music with no words can encourage learning
  • Provide shelves, drawers and other organizational tools to keep the space clutter-free
  • Set a designated time for homework
  • Think about your child and his or her learning style. Is your child a hands-on or visual learner? Different learning styles may warrant a different learning environment.

 Developing good study habits take time so try not to nag your kids about studying, it will make the whole idea of studying a chore. Creating a workspace is a good first step to instilling lifelong learning techniques. 

Let's help our kids finish this school year out with a bang.

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