This week is National Fire Prevention Week, and homeowners should make sure they are prepared in case of an emergency.  Make sure your home is prepared by  installing a smoke detector, replacing batteries in the existing detectors if you have them and make sure all family members know at least two ways to escape every room in the home in case of an emergency.  

People should not only be informed of the devastating effects which can be brought about by a fire, but should review basic fire safety rules and escape routes. People prepared to act quickly in case of a fire are less likely to sustain any injuries during an emergency; therefore preparation is key.  A few helpful tips to take into consideration include:

•Teaching family members to stop, drop and roll in the event of an emergency

•Demonstrate to family members the proper escape route should they need to exit the house in a hurry

•Keep matches or open flames out of reach of young children

•Install smoke detectors throughout the house, particularly outside of bedrooms

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