Remember the fierce storm you watched from your warm living room last week? It was a rainy night with the winds raging outside the window, leaving a trail of debris everywhere. The palm tree in your front yard was not spared and ended up on your garage. Now, the storm has passed, you’re wondering if insurance will cover the costs because the tree was not on your property.
According to the Insurance Information Institution, it does not matter if the tree belongs to you or your neighbor; if it lands on your house, you can file a claim with your insurance company.
Living in Florida, this will probably not be your last rainstorm. Trees, branches and other debris can be capable of covering long distances and cause damage to your home. Most of the time, insurance companies are not going to spend a period of time trying to decipher where the tree came from.
In some cases though, where a tree has fallen and it was a neighbor’s property, some insurance companies will try to collect from the neighbor’s insurance company. According to III, this is called subrogation.
If the tree or other debris collides with other insured property then there can also be coverage for removing the tree, depending on the insurance company and the policy the homeowner has.
Some insurance policies also provide coverage for damaged trees and shrubs due to other natural disasters like fire, lighting, explosion etc. Insurance coverage on these items varies by the insurance company and often there are some limitations.
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