Taking the time to do a complete inspection of your home, before and after purchasing it, is always a great idea in terms of saving money and preventing extreme damage to your home. By inspecting the house before purchase, you will know in advance what you are buying if there are any areas which may need your attention. Doing further inspection each year after purchase can be useful in order to keep track of preventative maintenance, repairs, etc. Here are some less-obvious areas to pay attention to, when conducting a home inspection:

  • Water Heater: Look particularly at the water heating system to make sure there is no damage. If you hear any water gurgling, popping or snapping, this may mean you need to drain out sediment
  • Septic System: If you are not sure, find out how old your septic system is and the last time it was pumped. Also, check for any signs of surface leakage. 
  • Roof and Flooring: Check for any damage, sinking, contamination, and dampness. Be sure to take a look at the gutter and the condition of your roofing material. 
  • Deck and Porches: Look for any structural damage and rotting. If you see any issues, it would be best to call a professional right away to prevent injury to you or a guest in your home. 
  • Driveway: Take a look at your driveway. Look for deterioration and paving conditions. 
In order to avoid any major issues with your home, it is best to keep up with your maintenance. If you notice something, no matter how small, it is best to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Leaving it to worsen will only turn a minor issue into an expensive headache.