Florida Peninsula's "Charity of the Month" is the American Heart Association. Their mission is "to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke." We would like to encourage you to have a healthy and active lifestyle in order to reduce your chances of heart disease. Here are some ways you can live heart-healthy lives:

Healthy Eating Habits: A healthy diet consists of meals which support your well-being. Start by making a habit of finding healthier options at the grocery store. For example: if your family is big on snacking, substitute the snacks for fruits and vegetables everyone likes. Eating healthy can be fun, and tasty too! When cooking at home, take a look at healthy recipes online which require nutritious ingredients. Healthy eating for the entire family starts in the kitchen. For more ideas for nutritious recipes, take a look at our Pinterest board. 

Healthy Lifestyle: Committing to a strict gym schedule while working full-time may seem impossible, but it is necessary to squeeze in time for some physical activity. Even if the gym doesn't work with your schedule, it may be in your best interest to go for a short walk in the morning or afternoon, or do a short workout inside your home. It is also a good idea to encourage your children to do the same, whether it be a bike ride or playing at the park. Being active is a great start, so just keep moving. 

Track Your Activity: Using a pedometer or smart watch is a great way to track your daily activity. This may also encourage you to increase your activity in order to reach certain goals. 

Explore The Community: See what's happening near you. There are various events which might be going on where you live such as 5k walks/runs, community fitness sessions at local parks and schools, etc. Stay in the know and encourage your family to be more active and involved. 

These are just a few ways to live a heart-healthy life. For more information, visit the American Heart Association and see how you can join the fight against heart disease. 


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