Shopping online is one of the most convenient ways to purchase items without having to go to multiple stores, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. Cyber criminals use the web to gain access to personal and financial information in order to purchase items for themselves. Unfortunately, consumers end up paying the price. Here are a few ways to avoid getting hacked: 

  • Update Your Computer Security: When it comes to your computer's security software, avoid ignoring alerts and be sure it is up to date for your protection. 
  • Separate Personal and Financial Activity: Avoid using your personal computer (social media, e-mail, shopping) for financial business, since you are using things such as social media platforms and ordering online. Clicking into certain links can be dangerous, and may allow a virus to enter your computer, granting hackers access to your information. If you own or manage a company, it would be best to use a separate computer. 
  • Two- Factor Authentication: Most online accounts offer two-factor identification, including social media accounts. This sends an alert to your phone after someone tries to access the account. If you receive a log-in alert and you were not the person trying to access the account, it gives you time to go in and change the password to avoid being hacked (or locked out of the account completely). Be sure passwords are complex. They should include capital letters, special characters and numbers. 
  • Secure Your Smartphones: Most people use online banking from their smartphones. Be sure you have a password protected phone or fingerprint protection. If you lose your phone or leave it unattended, someone else will not be able to enter your phone to access your personal and financial information. 

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