One man's trash is an identity thief's treasure. As crazy as it sounds, identity thieves can find valuable information in what you are throwing away. Unknowingly, our trash bins can be filled with personal information including bank statements, credit card numbers and more. What is known as "dumpster diving" may not be the most sophisticated type of identity theft, but it can still cause severe damage to its victims. 

You may not be able to keep divers out of your trash, but you can stop them from finding treasure by following these tips:

  • Shred any documents containing personal information, such as your social security number, driver's license number, bills, and bank statements. 
  • If you are getting rid of an old credit or debit card, make sure you cut it up into several pieces before throwing it away. 
  • Use caution when discarding unwanted junk mail. Some junk mail, including pre-approved credit cards may allow a crook to open an unauthorized account under your name. 
For more information on dumpster diving, click here. 

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company offers an economical endorsement to their policies which will assist you if you ever fall victim to identity theft. At a low annual premium of $25, the coverage will restore your credit back to the level it was prior to the fraudulent activity. For more information on Florida Peninsula's identity theft coverage, call us at 877-229-2244, or speak with your agent