According to the National Information Crime Bureau (NICB), Florida is among the top 5 states, next to California, Michigan, and New York, with the highest rate of questionable insurance claims (QCs). QCs are claims which NICB member insurance companies refer for closer review and investigation based on one or several indicators in which the claim may be fraudulent. 

Water damage claims made by homeowners can, at times, be a major red flag. This type of claim is easy to create, fabricate and allege repairs. When there is a long period of time between loss and report, or when the claim is reported within the first 90 days of the policy's inception, can be cause for concern. 

A red flag could also be raised if there are inflated/exaggerated invoices, invoices for excessive equipment to repair the damage, disposing of the damaged materials before inspection, etc. 

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company strives to keep our rates low and takes insurance fraud extremely seriously. One way we do this is through the help of our Special Investigation Unit (SIU), which investigates claims we believe to be fraudulent. Sadly, just one person's dishonesty can have an effect on many. Estimated losses from this crime exceed $100 Billion every year. 

Should you have any information concerning insurance fraud, it is recommended you report it immediately, as insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. to make an anonymous report of insurance fraud directly to the state of Florida, click here. You may also report insurance fraud on a Florida Peninsula policy by calling 866-923-2920 or emailing


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