On April 22, 2017, we celebrate climate and environmental literacy. The importance of Earth Day is to help us realize the importance of the Earth we live on and educate others on ways they can help. 

Florida Peninsula joined the fight against pollution, toxic dumping, and other mindless acts which negatively impact our fragile environment. Apart from encouraging our employees to recycle their empty cans and bottles daily, we also hosted our Annual Beach Clean Up on Saturday, April 8th.

For more information on how you display an “Act of Green”, visit the official Earth Day website . To date, they have reached over 2 million Acts of Green and their goal is to reach 3 billion.

There are many ways you can help, including planting or donating a tree, taking the Ecological Footprint Quiz to learn how you can reduce your impact on the planet, educating yourself about disposable plastic, and much more. We hope you will join the fight with us this year.

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