Vacations require a lot of planning and preparation. This includes not only packing and putting together your itinerary but also protecting the things you leave behind such as your home and belongings. Here are some tips to consider before departing on your vacation:


Don’t let the world know: By posting on social media, depending on your privacy settings, you are letting a large network of people (if not anyone in the world), know exactly what you are up to. Social media can be particularly dangerous at these times. In this day and age, it is tempting to document everything you do on social media. To protect your home and valuables, it is important to keep your vacation low-key.


Be friendly with your neighbors: It pays off to have a few friends in the neighborhood. You could have someone you trust watch over your home and bring in the mail while you are away. This is much safer than leaving your key in an obvious place like under the mat or in the mailbox.


Discretion is advised: Be careful loading luggage into your car. Avoid loading your vehicle where everyone can see. If possible, do it in your garage or very late at night when no one is watching. When people watch you loading suitcases into your car, they will know you are either going on vacation or not coming back home for quite some time.


Make your home look occupied: There are several things you can do to make your home look occupied. If your outside lights have timers, use them. Lights going on and off will make it appear as though someone is home. You should also put your mail on hold, along with newspaper deliveries. Mowing the lawn right before you leave is also a good idea so it doesn’t get too tall. Unusually high grass will attract attention and people could become curious.


Protect your valuables: It is important to always keep your valuables safe. By keeping them in separate locations in less-obvious places, you will have less of a chance of theft.


If you want to have to care-free vacation of your dreams, think smart and keep these safety tips in mind before leaving home. Know your Florida Peninsula policy also provides coverage for off-premise theft of personal property and scheduled personal property. To learn more about your existing coverage options and determine if an increase is required, speak to one of our trusted representatives today.