A lot can change in a matter of a year, which could have an impact on your insurance needs. At the start of this new year, take some time out of your busy schedule to review your homeowners policy. It may save you some money and time should the unexpected occur.

As a policyholder, you can make changes to adjust the amount of coverage you have, which may cause changes to your annual policy premium. Keep in mind, should you not have enough coverage in place, you could be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs in the event of a loss. Each homeowners policy is different, and it is important you understand your coverages, so you and your agent can select the options which work best for the needs of your family. Consider the following when reviewing your homeowners insurance policy:


What is covered?

Your homeowners insurance is made up of coverages which can help pay to repair or replace your belongings and your home should they be damaged by certain perils such as fire, theft or windstorm. These coverages may include, dwelling, personal property, loss of use, and liability. Florida Peninsula offers additional types of coverage, should you choose to further customize your policy.

What is not covered?


While your homeowners insurance covers many types of perils, there are exceptions. For example, flood insurance is not typically covered under your home insurance policy. Fortunately, Florida Peninsula offers our policyholders a certified flood endorsement, to qualifying properties, which is currently not offered through many other private carriers. Should your property not qualify for our endorsement, ask your agent about obtaining coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. You never know when a flood can occur therefore, seek the flood coverage you need to protect your home by obtaining a flood insurance policy through your Florida Peninsula agent.


Should you have any questions about your homeowners policy, contact your agent or call us at 877-229-2244.


As one of Florida's top homeowners insurance companies, our number one priority is the safety of you and your family. As such, Florida Peninsula provides our policyholders with robust coverage options, as well as offering flood protection and partnering with local insurance professionals throughout the state who can ensure you have the coverages you need. If you are in the market for a homeowners insurance quote, give us a call at (877) 229-2244 or get a quote on our website.