Today, September 3rd, 2018 we celebrate Labor Day.  While you are relaxing on your day off, grilling, swimming, playing, and enjoying time with your friends and family, here a few facts about Labor Day you may not have known.


Did you know the origins of Labor Day are not American?  True.  Although Labor Day is often considered an American holiday, Canada honored its laborers in 1872 when they showed support for their striking workforce in a nine-hour event in the city of Toronto.  The first Labor Day was celebrated in the United States in New York City, on September 5, 1882; ten years later.


Do you know who is credited for starting the Labor Day movement in the United States?  It is quite possible, nobody knows.  There is great disagreement as to who may have started the movement.  While many believe, Peter J. McGuire, co-founder of the American Federation of Labor, began this labor movement through his union, others credit Matthew Maguire, a machinist.


Why did Labor Day start?  Workers needed a break!  During this time, American workers worked 12-hour days, 7 days a week.  Yet they still found time to fight for this change.  Workers did not get relief until the Adamson Act passed on September 3, 1916, which established an 8-hour work day.


Which was the first state to declare Labor Day as a legal holiday?  You may be shocked to learn it was Oregon back in 1887.  The Federal government approved the measure to make the 1st Monday of each September Labor Day on June 28th, 1894.


Is Labor Day really the end of Summer? No.  As we all know, summer ends a little bit later in the month of September with the Autumn equinox, which is September 22nd this year.  However, in places such as our great State of Florida, summer will last several more months.  There will be plenty of time to enjoy the sun, beach, fishing, and many of the outdoor activities we all love.


Why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?  Wear it!  In the 19th Century, Labor Day was right around the time where workers were returning from their summer getaways and storing away their light, airy, and white, clothing. Summer clothing was in traded for dark, heavy, working garments in preparation for Fall and Winter. This tradition is no longer followed.


What are we celebrating?  We honor and celebrate all of us and our many contributions to this country. Over 155 Million men and women are in our nation’s workforce, working tirelessly to make the United States the greatest country in the world.  Together we make goods, provide services, and help one another succeed.


Florida Peninsula would like to take this day to express our sincerest thanks to our employees, their families, and our agency partners for all their hard work and dedication in serving our policyholders and our community.  Happy Labor Day.

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