September 1st through 7th was National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. Millions of children visit emergency rooms across the country for a variety of injuries each year. According to the CDC, unintentional injuries are the number one killer of kids and teens in the United States. Here are seven tips for preventing child injuries: 


1.    Make sure your child’s car seat is secured tightly and they are properly buckled up.

2.    Secure and anchor your home furniture.

3.    Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly.

4.    Store your medicines and toxic products in locked places your children cannot reach.

5.    Ask your child’s coach if they have provided safety training and if your child has been given proper protective equipment.

6.    Be sure your child wears a helmet and other protective gear when roller skating, biking, and skateboarding.

     7.    Always supervise children near water.


We hope you follow these tips to keep your children safe and prevent them from being injured.  For more information on the ways to prevent child injuries, check out the CDC Website.


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