Cooler months in Florida are rare therefore, we must take advantage of this time to work on the outside of our homes. Changing the landscaping of your home can give your home and property an updated and fresh look for the new year. Small changes made now, will allow you to enjoy your back yard once the temperatures rise to enjoy entertaining your family and friends outdoors.


Believe it or not, a small backyard can be made to feel larger by dividing the area into two distinct spaces. Experts say adding a simple wall such as trellises or a vine-covered wooden space will allow you to separate the space into two. If your space allows for two areas, it MUST be big. Place your BBQ grill on one side and create a relaxing area away from the grill with lounge chairs and side tables to enjoy your meals with family and friends in a “different” area.


When you can’t go sideways, go up! Consider adding accents to your backyard space such as gazebos, oversized tall planters, or an antique wooden ladder to add character. Add vines and flowers to existing walls. Doing so will add dimension and color to your outdoor living area making it an inviting place where you will want to spend time with a good cup of coffee.


Speaking of color, let’s talk about your outdoor furnishings. Your outdoor area may be very monochromatic with all the greenery we have here in Florida. You can change this by bringing in fun colors to your furnishings. Bright colors such as reds and yellows give your backyard the pop it needs. Old metal furnishings may seem like trash, but a little elbow grease will remove rust and a fresh coat of paint will make furniture look like new. Adding decorative outdoor pillows to existing furniture is an easy option to bring in the color you are looking for.


With a few of these DIY tips, you will be on your way to improving the look of your backyard without breaking the bank in no time. Enjoy!


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