Just as you have resolved to start the New Year in a healthier state, your home may also need its own health check-up. Take this time at the beginning of the year, to review some areas of your home, which may assist your home to run smoother and more efficiently. Here are three places to start your home health checkup.


1)   Change your incandescent bulbs to LEDs or CFLs.  If you still have incandescent bulbs in your home, consider making 2019 the year you update them to LEDs or CFLs. Although slightly more expensive, LED lights last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use less than half of the electricity to brighten your house.  In the long run, you will save money on bulbs, your electric bill, and your home will be the brightest on the block.


2)   Take a good look and listen to your water heater.  Most people do not consider this important appliance until you step into a cold shower.  Make a resolution to flush out your water heater.  Through the years calcium and sediment may build up in your tank causing it to work harder and less efficiently.  This may be a DIY project for you as there are several videos on how to do this on YouTube, or you may consider requesting the assistance of a licensed professional plumber.  The average cost of this job is between $80 - $100.  Make sure your water heater is not exhibiting any signs it is about to fail


3)   Dryer vent clean up.  Dyer fires account for over 2,900 household fires each year.  This is due to the vents clogging from lint buildup of routine laundry.  To clean your dryer vents, simply ensure your filter is clean and lint free along the vents and surrounding areas.  Use a Shop Vac or flexible brush, detach the vents from the dryer and remove all the lint from the vents.  Ensure you clean the entire length of the vents.  Don’t forget those vents go to the outside of your home. Be sure to look at the vent opening on the outside of your home to ensure it is free of clutter and debris as well.


Love the home you’re in, and your home will love you back by keeping you safe and saving you money.


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