May is National Water Safety Month, bringing public attention to safer water practices. As schools let out for the summer, and the temperatures begin to climb, many spend their days with family and friends around the water. According to the World Health Organization, there are roughly 360,000 downing deaths worldwide each year, making drowning the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury deaths around the globe.  Florida leads the nation in drowning deaths with the county of Palm Beach at the forefront with over 50 incidents of drownings or non-fatal water related hospitalizations.  Water safety should be a top priority for your entire family. Please keep these tips in mind before you take a dip this summer:


Always supervise children in and around the pool

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 300 children below the age of 5 drown in swimming pools nationwide each year. In many cases these drownings occur in pools owned by family or friends. Children should never be left unsupervised near a pool. During times spent near the water, designate an adult to keep their undivided attention on the pool and surrounding areas. Never allow a young child to swim without an adult in the pool with them. Even if your child has had swimming lessons, accidents happen. Children should always be supervised regardless of their skill level.



Prepare for an emergency

Learning basic life-saving skills could save a life. CPR classes are available year-round and offered at many locations. Just a quick Google search for “CPR classes near me” will give you a list of courses available in your area. Calling 911 in the event of an emergency is step one. However, every second counts after a drowning. A countless number of rescues are successful due to someone administering CPR before the ambulance arrives.



Clear pool toys and other attractants from the water after swimming.

Children are more likely to follow a toy or a ball straight into the pool. Many children try to reach for the toys in the water and unintentionally fall in. If nobody is there to supervise, dangerous or fatal results could occur. Remember once you are done in the pool to take everything out to avoid this issue.  It is also important to remember; pool toys are not floatation and safety devices. Children should be equipped with life jackets for extra protection.



These are just three simple ways to practice water safety this summer. For more tips, click here. We hope you enjoy a fun and safe summer.



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