Picnics are a fun activity for friends and families to enjoy, especially during the summer months. When proper safety precautions are not taken, picnics can become a health and safety hazard. From packing, transporting and cooking food, there are many dangers involved you may overlook.  Here are a few tips to consider before you enjoy your next picnic:


Packing and Transporting Food Tips:

1.    Store cold food at or below 40 degrees to prevent bacterial growth.

2.    Keep beverages in a separate cooler to avoid exposing perishable foods to warm temperatures.

3.    Do not cross-contaminate raw items with prepared food.

4.    Clean your hands before touching any food items.

5.    Do not leave perishable food unrefrigerated for over two hours.


Grilling Tips:

1.    Practice caution while grilling and keep your grill on a study surface.

2.    Reduce flare-ups by grilling lean cuts of meat, removing poultry skin, and trimming excess fat.

3.    Cook foods to their proper internal temperatures and check them by using a meat thermometer.


By following these tips from the FDA, you will be able to have a fun, worry-free picnic with your loved ones.  Enjoy the warm weather, but always remember to take these precautions into consideration while picnicking.



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