July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, over half a million pets are harmed in house fires every year.  In addition, about one thousand fires are started by pets every year.  Due to the prevalence of these incidents, there are several tips you should follow, to prevent pet-related fires and fire-related pet injuries.


There are several precautions you should take to prevent pet-related fires:

  • Always watch your pet when there are open flames

  • Extinguish open flames when you are leaving your pet unattended

  • Remove or cover stove knobs

  • Use flameless candles



    There are a few measures you should take to prevent your pet from getting injured if a fire does erupt in your home:

  • Put young pets in a crate or secure area when you are not home, so responders can easily find them

  • Keep pets close to entrances when left unattended at home

  • Always have a collar on your pet and a leash nearby to make the rescue process more efficient

  • Attach a pet alert window cling on your front window and write down the number of pets inside your house

  • Have your family emergency plan include your pet and practice it frequently



    Remember to follow these tips to prevent a fire from destroying your possessions, especially your most valuable possession:  your pet.  For more information regarding pet fire safety, visit the American Red Cross or Pet Benefit Solutions.  To learn about our coverage options, including our animal liability insurance, visit our Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage page.


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