It’s time to start preparations for schools to go back in session. Make sure you take advantage of Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday to stock up on school supplies. From August 2nd through 6th, qualifying items including school supplies, clothing, footwear and certain electronics and accessories which will be tax-exempt. Here is a list of items we recommend you buy during the Sales Tax Holiday:

-          School Supplies

o   Pens

o   Pencils

o   Notebooks/Folders/binders

o   Agendas/Calendars

o   Index Cards

o   Glue Sticks

o   Highlighters

o   Markers

-          Accessories

o   Backpacks

o   Lunchbox/bag


-          Clothing and footwear under $60

-          Electronics

o   Personal computers under $1,000


We hope you take advantage of the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday to stock up on these supplies. For more information on items which are tax-exempt, visit the Florida Department of Revenue website. Have a wonderful and safe school year.


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