As people are still dealing with the effects from last year’s hurricane season, it comes with little solace the next dreaded hurricane season is around the corner once again. 

We all know being well prepared is paramount to surviving a hurricane, but there are many myths and mistruths about preparing for a storm: 

Myth: Taping up your windows with masking tape prevents them from shattering.

Truth:  This will not protect the window from crashing debris. In fact, taping the window will only make matters worse. When debris goes through an un-taped window the glass will shatter into small pieces. When the windows are taped, the glass will shatter into larger, more dangerous pieces.  Bottom line: Stick to shutters or impact glass.

Myth: Cracking your windows open will stabilize the pressure. 

Truth: This is completely unnecessary and possibly more dangerous than keeping them closed. Opening up a window allows for the violent wind gusts to enter the house. The result: The wind trapped in the house needs to find an escape and can do so by blowing the window out. No house is airtight and the pressure changes very slowly. 

Myth:  Only board up windows and doors facing the water.

Truth: Hurricanes are moving, rotating storms. You need to protect all sides of your home. The wind can come from any direction or angle and change its movement quickly. 

Myth: Once a hurricane passes, the worst is over. 

Truth: Sometimes the worst is just the beginning once the storm passes. Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Even after a storm has passed, the risk of flooding and tornadoes is still high. Not to mention not having electricity, which may take weeks to be repaired. 

The best way to survive a storm is to be knowledgeable and well prepared. Don’t forget to buy lots of water and non-perishable foods too. 

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