A landlord’s insurance may cover the costs of repairs should there be a fire or other natural disaster, however this excludes coverage of your personal belongings. Should renters in Florida want to protect their personal property, consider obtaining a renter’s insurance policy. Here’s a breakdown to help understand the different types of coverages available to fit your needs.


Property Coverage

Types of coverage can vary between carriers. At Florida Peninsula, we offer “Personal Property” and “Loss of Use” coverage options.  Your “Personal Property”, such as, furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, entertainment equipment, may be covered in the event of a covered loss such as theft. “Loss of Use” is coverage for expenses beyond replacing physical and personal property. This coverage would provide protection and reimbursement of expenses incurred in the event renting another apartment or temporary living space becomes necessary while repairs are being made on your home. The apartment must be deemed uninhabitable.


Liability Coverage

Liability coverages can protect you from incurring medical expenses should someone injure themselves on your property.


Deductible Options

Florida Peninsula offers a few deductible options to choose from, like a hurricane deductible. The deductibles are offered at different percentages of the home’s insurance value. Speak to your agent to see what options will work for your insurance needs.


Florida Peninsula Offers Renter’s Insurance

At Florida Peninsula, we offer renters policies with comprehensive coverage you can count on when you need it most. Our priority is to make sure your family and home are protected in the event of an emergency. When you do business with Florida Peninsula, you can be confident you will receive the best possible insurance coverage from a financially strong company and personalized service you will really appreciate. For more information, you can get a quote online, or call 877-229-2244.