The economy has been a whirlwind over recent years, but susceptibility to home break-ins should not be on your list of worries. Most break-ins happen during the day while the residents are at work. Burglars are particularly drawn to empty homes with easily accessible windows and doors.
According to Insurance Quotes website, there are ten tips for burglar-proofing your home and here are our top five.
  1. Make sure to equip your home with strong doors and locks. Exterior doors should be made of steel, metals or solid wood which can stand an impact more than hollow-core doors. Also, dead bolt locks are a must and offer the best protection.
  2. Make sure all of those doors are locked before you leave the house, go to bed and even when you home to confuse burglars. According to Insurance Quotes website, in more than one-third of home burglaries, there was no forcible entry—just forgetful homeowners.
  3. Be careful with spare keys. House keys hidden under cliché mats, rocks and pots are a bad choice—those are the first places burglars are going to look.
  4. Keep burglars guessing. Make them think you are home even when you are not—or even just make them wonder. Put lights on timers and don’t be predictable with your schedule.
  5. Install lighting outside your home. You can install the lights which illuminate with motion if you are environmentally conscious—to startle burglars and protect yourself.
Burglaries don’t need to weigh your family down. The average amount of goods stolen from homes last year was over $2,000. And after burglaries, homeowners must pay high deductibles before their coverage kicks in. So the trick is to safeguard your home before anything happens.
For the full list of ways to burglar-proof your home, visit here.
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