Looking for ways to thank your boss on Boss' Day this year? This is a day dedicated to all employers, meant to improve the relationship between employers and their staff. No, it isn't a day for all employees to try to get their boss good graces. It is simply a day for appreciation and recognition. Here is a list of 10 things you can get your boss on Boss' Day: 

1. A card: Writing is the best form of expression. Sometimes we just can't find the words during a conversation, but after some thought, you'll get it right. 

2. Flowers: Depending on your boss' personality, they might appreciate this kind gesture.

3. Gift Certificate: If you know of their favorite store or coffee shop, it may be the best place to go. Maybe you've overheard him/her talking about wanting to buy something specific. This can also be a way to show you listen or took the time to get to know them.

4. Coffee: It doesn't have to be a mocha latte from Starbucks. Even if you use the office kitchen to make your boss a cup in the morning, simply to show your appreciation and give them a kick-start for the day, it is sure to make them feel loved.

5. Lunch: Get together with the team and plan a lunch dedicated to your boss. It could be pizza, subs, salads, anything he/she likes and gather in a common space.

6. Donuts: Who doesn't love donuts? After making sure your boss isn't on a diet, a box of donuts will make a great surprise. You could even get creative and write something like "I donut know what I would do without you... Thanks!"

7. DIY Crafts: A mason jar garden could be a cute idea if your boss loves plants. When it starts to grow he/she will always remember you. A rock garden would also be nice if each member of the team writes an inspirational note on a flat rock like "You are amazing" or "Have a great day" and places them in a bowl. 

8. Cake: Okay it's safe to admit this is an employee favorite, well, because it's cake. It makes for a great celebration and a nice little break from the desk. 

9. Cleaning out the office: Before your boss comes in for the day, without getting into their personal items, sneak in and organize their desk. Don't put things in different places, but maybe stacking their sticky notepads or placing the pens back into the holder would be a good start. Sometimes they get so busy, there is no time in the day to clean up. 

10. Custom coffee mug: Who wouldn't like this? Order a special mug just for your boss and fill it with K-cups, candy, or anything your boss likes. It's the perfect desk accessory (and it'll actually be great for coffee too). 

These are all extremely affordable ways to recognize your boss on Boss' Day. Any form of appreciation, even a simple thank you, is all it takes to be a great employee.


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