According to the National Hurricane Center, it is only the third time that three storms have formed before June 19.  For many Floridians, the threat of a bad hurricane season can create a huge amount of fear. Now, just over a month into the hurricane season that was predicted to be average, Floridians are wondering if the storms will continue to get worse.

There is hope, however.

According to a USA Today article AccuWeather senior meteorologist Brett Anderson says, "We are trending towards an El Niño." He explains that El Niño will most likely form by September, which is the heart of the Atlantic hurricane season. During El Niño, upper-level winds and wind shear develop in the tropical Atlantic. These winds, which are predicted to develop by September, help to tear apart hurricanes before they develop.

Meteorologists are hoping that this becomes the first July without a hurricane since 2009. But, don’t put away your generator yet! While El Niño may relieve hurricane threats in the second half of the hurricane season, there could still be storms in August and early September, before the full effects of El Niño come into play.

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