It’s summertime, and we all know what this means: it’s time to do some yard work. The grass needs mowing and the trees need trimming.  It’s time to get busy and do the chores around the house. But before we get started, let’s review some simple steps to ensure we stay safe and healthy during these warm summer months.

Dress the Part. It is crucial for us to dress appropriately to ensure we protect ourselves while we are working in the yard. Selecting the appropriate pair of shoes is essential. Make sure you wear a pair of boots or, at the very least, comfortable closed toed shoes to prevent against accidents. Flip-flops and sandals are a major no-no. Make sure you wear close-fitting clothes which will not get caught in mechanical gears. Baggy clothes can be extremely dangerous if caught in a gear and is a big safety risk. Secondly, wear long sleeves and pants while out in the yard to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation and the ensuing sunburn.  Consider always wearing sunscreen and a hat while working outdoors.

Be aware of your surroundings. Before you begin your work, take a look around. Make sure there is no debris such as trash or loose branches in the yard which could be run over by a lawn mower. Make yourself familiar with your environment and if you are mowing grass, check for hills and dips in the lawn. If you are digging, make sure you know where the utility lines in the ground are because a severed line could be disastrous for you and your neighbors. Finally, if there are children around, have a responsible adult keep an eye on them at all times.

Know Your Equipment. Familiarize yourself with all of your equipment before using them. Read all instruction manuals and observe all safety procedures before operating. Also, check all electrical cords for cuts or frays which could be potentially dangerous. It may seem like a no-brainer, but always pay attention while operating gas-powered or electric equipment because they can be very dangerous if not carefully handled.

In order to maximize your work outdoors and get your yard in tip-top shape, follow these simple steps to enjoy a safe and productive summer.


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