The 2012 hurricane season is wrapping up however; Tropical Storm Sandy is making sure we do not forget, Hurricane Season 2012 is not over yet.  Although a moderate hurricane season was predicted with 12 -14 storms, so far this season we have had 20 named storms, luckily most have stayed off our coast.  Those reaching our coast have been Tropical Storms or weak hurricanes. 

Tropical Storm Sandy is currently tracking North West at 10 MPH and is expected to make landfall somewhere in the southern coast of New Jersey in the early part of next week.  In the meantime, the East Coast of Florida has been contending with strong wind gusts reaching up to 40MPGH and bands of rain for the past several days.    The worst should be over in the next several hours, now, the cleanup begins.  Damage from Tropical Storm Sandy is not expected to be major, however, tree limbs, and power lines are usually affected when the winds pick up.  Be careful when trimming any loose tree branches and avoid walking in flooded areas in order to avoid possible dangers lurking underneath the water such as downed power lines.

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