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From monthly archives: March 2017

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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Dogs and cats, especially in their younger years, can be very curious. If you think about it, they are like babies and toddlers. Everything your home is new to them, from electrical sockets to door stoppers to curtains and more. Here are a few steps to pet-proof your home: Aim Low: See life from their point of view. It always helps to get low to the ground, crawl around, and see what they see. Whatever stands out to you will most likely stand out to them. Plug all sockets, pin up any dangling wires, put away toys and games, etc. Don't set them up for wrong-doing; eliminate the dangers.  Remove all chemicals and sharp objects: Locking cleaning supplies up high or putting latches on the cabinets is a great idea. With a little determination, those sharp teeth can get through just about anything. Keep all sharp objects and tools out of reach to avoid injury.  Install gates: Install either pet or baby gates to confine your pets to a certain area of your home. For pets younger than 6 months or so, it ...

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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Although Florida's winter hasn't been so terrible for us, our homes will still require a bit of maintenance as the season changes. Here is a list of areas in your home which may require maintenance to help you stay on track this Spring:  Examine roof shingles: You should conduct a close inspection of your roof to see if any shingles were lost or damaged over time. Even the sun can damage shingles. Cracked, loose, or missing shingles should be replaced as soon as possible in order to protect your roof.  Inspect the gutters: Check for loose, leaky, or clogged gutters. If your gutters are not draining properly, this can lead water into the basement of crawl space. Remember: downspouts should drain away from the foundation and should be clear of debris.  Clean or replace your filters: This is something all homeowners (and renters) should do multiple times a year. If you filter is dirty, it will force your heat and air-conditioning system to work much harder than it should ...

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Are Your Pets Included in Your Emergency Plans?

Emergencies show themselves in all shapes and forms and each disaster requires different measures to keep your pets safe. It is extremely important you have a plan of action for all scenarios such as hurricane, flood, fire, etc. Here are some simple things you can do in order to be prepared and keep your pets safe:  Obtain a Rescue Alert Sticker: There are several companies, such as the ASPCA, where you can obtain one of these stickers. In the event of an emergency, these stickers will make rescue personnel aware pets are inside your home. This sticker could potentially safe your pets' life if they are trapped during a disaster.  Prepare a travel kit and emergency supplies: If you are ordered to evacuate your home, have a kit ready to go for each pet. Even if you don't think it will be long, prepare for the worst.  Make sure all pets are wearing collar and tags with up-to-date information. If your pet has medical needs, the tag should include this information in case you were to be s ...

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InVEST Awareness Month

InVEST is a program dedicated to introducing high school juniors and seniors to the insurance industry and its many career opportunities. As Florida Peninsula made strides to give back to the community and inspire young minds, InVEST was the perfect match for their goals.  Florida Peninsula is proud to provide scholarship funds to high school seniors entering college by partnering with the Independent Insurance Agents of Broward County since 2010, but it was a visit to a local school which change its commitment to InVEST forever.  Within the past 7 years, Florida Peninsula has provided thousands of dollars to high school seniors throughout the state of Florida. Stacey A. Giulianti, Chief Legal Officer of Florida Peninsula, volunteers his time, as well as the time of others on the claims teach, to teach students in the program about fraud and claims procedures. Florida Peninsula has expanded their commitment in Broward County by also teaching classes on marketing, underwriting, and actuarial care ...

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Florida Peninsula's Charity of the Month: Humane Society of Broward County

Florida Peninsula's Charity of the Month is the Humane Society of Broward County. This organization "provides shelter, aid, and responsible adoptions to animals entrusted to [their] care, and educates the community about respect and kindness to all animals." The Humane Society of Broward County makes continuous efforts to large-scale cruelties, such as animal fighting and puppy mills.  For the month of March, Florida Peninsula is hosting their annual pet contest, which they will donate $1 for each agent and employee entry. Florida Peninsula will also be participating in the Broward County Walk for the Animals on March 18th, the Humane Society's largest annual fundraiser. In 2016, they were able to raise over $525k to benefit their animals and programs.  For more information on the Humane Society of Broward County, and to find out how you can be involved, please visit their website.    Thank you for visiting our blog. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of Florida's top homeown ...

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Daylight Saving Time Begins on March 12th

  On March 12th, 2017 at 2am, the clocks will spring forward 1 hour, marking the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. For some, the thought of losing an hour of sleep in the spring is more difficult than adjusting to the extra hour we get in the Fall. Here are some tips to help you quickly adjust this year: Sunrise and sunset will be an hour later than the day before. Remember to set your alarms, since your body clock may be a bit off. Avoid taking a nap in order to fall asleep earlier, helping you wake up the next day. By taking a nap, you are providing your body with extra energy which will only keep you awake longer at bedtime.  Be alert. Give yourself an extra push to get out the door on Monday. Pay extra attention on the road, as you may not be the only tired driver on the road.  By eating meals at your normal scheduled times, it will help your body adjust to the time change much faster. Try to keep your schedule as regular as possible.  By em ...

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Why You Should Have Pet Insurance

Many of us see our pets as members of our household. We let them live in our homes, sleep in our beds, and when we eat, they eat. It has even become popular to celebrate their birthdays or home-coming anniversaries, and will include them in important events such as weddings and family parties. If we are willing to treat our pets as people, why shouldn't they have insurance like we do? There are a number of reasons why your pet should have insurance:  Peace of mind: If anything were to happen to your pet, such as an injury or illness, you won't worry about the vet bill since most pet insurance policies will reimburse more than 80% of the costs. Pet owners without insurance sometimes have to make the hardest decision between paying for medical treatment (which can be thousands of dollars) or putting their pets down.  Rising Veterinary Costs: If you are a pet owner, you probably noticed the costs of veterinary care getting higher and higher. A simple office visit (before the prescript ...

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