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We understand the Citizens Takeout/Assumption process may be complicated and a few questions can help you along the way. Here is some additional information to help you make the right choice for your insurance needs and to make you feel comfortable about joining our family.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Takeout/Assumption?
    A Takeout/Assumption occurs when an authorized private-market carrier acquires or selects policies from Citizens Property Insurance Corp. (Citizens). Private-market carriers are approved by the Office of Insurance Regulation prior to participating in a takeout. In addition, we have taken steps to notify your agent we have selected your policy for assumption.
  • Why was my Citizens Policy selected for Takeout/Assumption?
    Designed to be the “insurer of last resort”, Citizens only offers coverage to policyholders who cannot otherwise secure coverage with an admitted, private-market carrier. Citizens Property Insurance routinely will partner with private-market carriers to assist policyholders in finding alternate coverage whenever possible. It is very common for authorized private-market insurance companies to request and participate in Takeouts/Assumptions, in an effort to reduce the amount of Citizens policies.
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  • Are private carriers allowed to Select the same policies for Takeout/Assumption?
    Private-market carriers, such as Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, are all provided with the same information and data when selecting policies from Citizens for Takeout/Assumption. It is possible for a policyholder to receive multiple offers from different carriers. This provides you an opportunity to speak with your agent about which company is best for you.  Only one carrier may assume the policy.
  • What is Florida Peninsula’s experience when it comes to handling claims?
    Florida Peninsula Insurance Company has operated successfully in the State of Florida for over 15 years. During this time, we have helped Floridians recover from 5 major hurricanes which impacted the state.  We have done this through maintaining a robust surplus and procuring several layers of reinsurance to support forecasted claims, even in years where multiple events may occur.
  • Why should I select Florida Peninsula as my new homeowners carrier?
    Florida Peninsula has been serving and protecting Florida families over the past 15 years. In addition to repairing homes from common occurrences like pipe breaks and theft; we have helped thousands of families recover from 5 major hurricanes which have impacted our state since 2005. We specialize in Florida home insurance and understand the risks Floridians face. Our team of dedicated professionals and comprehensive coverage options along with our Florida specific experience make Florida Peninsula the right choice for your family and home.
  • How do I accept the Florida Peninsula Offer?
    Joining our family of policyholders is easy, you may either contact your agent directly and ask for their assistance, or make your selection online at 
    •	If you are making your submitting your choice online, please have your Citizens policy number and the registration code listed on the enclosed Policyholder Choice Offer Form on hand. 
    •	If you do not make a selection, Citizens will assign your policy to the private-market carrier of their choice, on your behalf. 
  • What does the “Assumption Date” mean?
    Assumption date refers to the date Florida Peninsula assumes responsibility for managing any losses affecting the insured property. Until you receive a renewal from Florida Peninsula, you should contact your agent or Citizens for policy changes and payments.
  • Is it possible to maintain the same agent and will they earn commissions?
    Your agent will remain the same, as Florida Peninsula has confirmed they are contracted with our company. In addition, they will continue to earn commissions from Florida Peninsula as your selected agent.
  • How may I make policy changes?
    Prior to your renewal date, making changes to your policy such as mortgagee changes or coverage changes can be made by contacting your agent or Citizens directly.  Once you have received a renewal package from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, changes can still be made via your agent or by calling our customer service department.
  • Who do I call to make a claim?
    Should a loss occur prior to the assumption date, Citizens will be able to assist you with filing the claim.  After the assumption date you may file your claim with Florida Peninsula by calling 866-549-9672.
  • How do I make a policy payment?
    Any payment due prior to your Citizens policy expiration date, should be paid to Citizens. Your agent is the best source of information if you are unsure of where to send a payment. You may also contact Citizens customer service for payment questions.
    Once you have received a renewal package from Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, payments can be made online at upon registering your policy and creating a username and password. You may also contact our Customer Service Department or your agent for assistance in processing your payment.  We accept all major credit cards and have 4 convenient payment plans available to meet your budgetary needs.
  • Will my lender be notified of your Takeout/Assumption of my policy?
    We will mail a copy of your renewal to the designated lender/mortgage company listed on your policy.

The Citizens Takeout Selection Process


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