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Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage
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Protection for our modern day conveniences.

Our Equipment Breakdown option offers coverage for sudden and accidental losses to your home’s equipment outside of normal wear and deterioration, for as little as $50 per year.

Our Service Line coverage, which must be purchased in conjunction with Equipment Breakdown coverage, offers protection for the repair and/or replacement of the underground service lines you are responsible for on your property, for an additional $30 per year or a total of $80 a year. Service Line coverage is only available on homeowners (HO3) policies. Learn more about our Equipment Breakdown & Service Line coverage by viewing our brochure here.

Our Equipment Breakdown & Service Line coverage is made to suit you.

Our Equipment Breakdown and Service Line coverage differs from a home maintenance contract as this is an insurance product with no age of equipment or use of life restrictions and with additional coverage for major home appliances. This option allows you to use your own equipment & service line repair provider/contractor and may eliminate the need for expensive monthly utility service plans.

What's covered?

Equipment breakdown insurance policies usually cover:

Equipment Breakdown:

Central AC
Household appliances
Computer equipment
Emergency generator
Personal electronics
Water heaters
Security systems
Well pumps

Service Line:

Water lines
Electrical lines
Sewer lines
Steam piping
Fiber optic lines
Drainage lines
Ground loop piping
Phone lines

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Let us answer all your questions and curiosities surrounding Equipment Breakdown and Service Line Coverage.
Is Equipment Breakdown Coverage an appliance maintenance policy?

No. Regular equipment age-related wear, deterioration, or corrosion is not covered. However, if wear and deterioration cause the covered equipment to have an “equipment breakdown”, that damage may be covered.

How do I add Equipment Breakdown Coverage to an existing policy?

Coverage may be added to the policy at anytime with agent assistance.

What is the Equipment Breakdown Coverage limit and deductible?

Equipment Breakdown Coverage has a coverage limit of $100,000 per occurrence with a $500 deductible